.NET Coding School | Eshop Prototype

a collaborative eshop skeleton | prototype, made while attending .NET coding school


this project was made by a team of three
me, Georgios Marinakis and Kostantinos Kapetanios


Project specifications were given by seminar's instructors
functionality was divided into an administrative portal and a user's portal
an administrator had CRUD functionality in products, product categories, reviews of products, pricing, annual reports, shopping carts and orders
a user could view all product categories, products, review a product, add items in their shopping cart and checkout

some technologies

The team functioned under strict agile development
backend was designed in .NET MVC 6
front-end was built using Razor view engine


Project had a complete log of actions , error messages using Log4Net
Entity framework was used, regarding Database actions
Identity framework was used for Authorization of users and Authentication of requests
twitter - typeahead was used for searching in the databases


Bootstrap 4 was used for structuring content on the page and lots of custom css
jQuery for logic regarding front-end